Kekova Sunken City

Kekova Island, Destroyed by a series of earthquakes at the turn of the first millennium, an ancient city's remains are visible by boat. In this archeologically protected area, no swimming is permitted but we will be stopping at the Kekova Blue Cave and lovely coves for excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Saklikent ( Hidden City )

You will escape the grueling heat of the summer in Saklikent Canyon. The 150 meter catwalk follows the wide, freezing cool river which takes you to the gorge's entrance. A shady, cool lunch is served on platforms with river water rushing under you. Only the brave, wearing good hiking shoes, can cross the rushing river to the canyon narrows. Easy hiking is followed by a more difficult 18 km trek reserved for the professional mountaineers.

A tiny island, Kastellorizo is a place where your only means of transport are your own legs, and the pace is slow and laid-back. The people are typical islanders: friendly and curious, and even thought their lives are not the easiest on this isolated island, they try to liven things up with romantic songs of the past and many festivals


Spend a beautiful day exploring the lovely Lycian sites of Xanthos, Letoon and Patara.
Take bathing clothes, hat, good sunglasses, and walking shoes
Lunch is at local restaurants in Patara.
Prices do not include drinks.

Arycanda, largest bath complex in Lycia, monumental kings' temple tombs, agora, amphitheatre, odeon and an unusual stadium on the top terrace of the city.
Take hat, sunglasses, and walking shoes
Lunch is at local restaurants in Arycanda.
Prices do not include drinks.
10:00 Meet your tour guide in the Dolce Vita Office. Get in a chauffeur driven, air-conditioned minibus.
11:30 Arycanda, a very unique Lycian city, built upon five large terraces ascending a mountain slope.
15:30 Myra, has a long history and was one of the most important cities in Lycia.
16:30 Church of St. Nicholas, inside of which is the sarcophagus of St. Nicholas although his remains were taken to Italy during the Latin Crusades of the 11th century.
18:00 Back to Kas

Boat Trip

This fun day tour of the islands and local bays in the surrounding area of Kas will help you relax and unwind. There is lots of good swimming and sun with tea breaks and lunch as see how beautiful the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is viewed from the sea.
Every one should have swimwear, sunhat and sunblock, waterbottle and a daypack.
Lunch is barbeque or at local restaurants. Prices do not include drinks.
10:00 Meet the captain in the Dolce Vita Office After a little shopping get on the boat in the Harbour.
10:30 Hidayets Bays, swimming and snorkelling; see the underwater ceramic exhibition
12:00 Cruise next to Greek Island Meis and stop by the little island across. If the weather is fine we stop for the barbeque lunch here.
15:00 Visit Limanağzı bay.
18:00 Back to Kas


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