Sea Caves
The shore around Kaş has many captivating caves. These include the Kekova Island Sea Cave, the Piegon Root Sea Cave, and the most famous og all, the Blue Cave. It is located 19 km. from Kaş and 6 km. from Kalkan. It is 50 m. Long, 50 m. Wide and 15 m. high, so you can explore it with a row boat. Second period early Cretaceus limestone is found inside. Sunlight reflecting of the water from outside the cave produces a beautiful phosphorescent blue color containing all shades of gren and blue. Sometimes, it is possible to find a family of seals living in the cave .
 If you're looking for golden yellow sand and clear blue sea, Kaş is the place to come. Noteworthy beaches include Küçükçakıl, Büyükçakıl, Akçegerme and Limanağzı. Kaputaş Beach, shining with golden and blue colors, sits well away from the road at the bottom of 192 steps. It is 19 km.from Kaş.
 Scuba Diving  
 Kaş has become an important touristic underwater diving center in recend years. Vrious diving clubs in the Yacht harbor compete for the business of thousands og local and foreign tourists who come each year to see the Mediterranean's oldest sunken remains. The turquoise blue waters transport you to another world decorated with all kinds of fish, sponges, octopi, and sunken vessels with their amphorae. Somatimes you may even see Caretta-Caretta sea turtles or touch a dolphin during your exciting dive.
 Canoeing Travel agecies in the region organize canoe trips down the peachful Eşençayı River, starting in Kınık, 45 km. from Kaş. The river flows 15 km. down to Patara Beach without any danger for participants. The natural surraunding and view are fabulous. During the trip, there is a break for swimming, snacking, or taking a mud bath. Besides river caoeing, there are also canoe tours along the shore. There is transportation from Kaş to Üçağız Village where the canoeing starts. Beautiful bays, historical sites, a sunken city and Simena await your discovery. This four-hour tour is very enjoyable and relaxing. It includes time to swim to swim and eat as well
 Kaş and its environs are the ideal location for trekking amidst both history and nature. A trail guide hasbeen prepared for those who wish to visit the various Lycian cities, which are close together, on food. There are also Ltcian Road signs. There are additional hiking opportunities in Yarımada, Limanağzı, Gedife Tepesi (Gedife Hill), Phellos, Gökçeören, Asan Dağı (Mt Asaz), and Gömbe. The winding roads which are lined with sage, oregano, pine trees, and typical Mediterranean Region scrup bushes are ideal venues for enjoying nature.
   Blue Voyage
 Kaş is one of the Blue Voyage's important stops, and the starting point for some. Vessels in the yacht harbor have access to water, electricity, gasoline and shower and laundry facilities. There are Blue Voyage tours originating in Kaş for 3 days and nights and for 7 days and nights.
 Recent research has shown that the cliffs in Kaş are among the best for parachuting in Turkey, based on topography and weather patterns. Jumps are done under expert supervision and with proper safety equipment. If you're looking for a thrilling experience, come enjoy the greenery of the mountains and the beautiful turquoise views og the clear Mediterranean while parachuting from cliffs
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